Internal medicine 6 - lectures for students of General Medicine

Problem-based teaching with a differential diagnostic approach to individual diseases within the sub-disciplines and mastering the issue of acute conditions in individual sub-disciplines. Differential diagnosis of jaundice. Alcoholic liver disease.Acid – base balance disorders. Immunodeficiency. Immunomodulatory, immunosupressive and immunorestaurant treatment.Syncope. Shock.Paraneoplastic syndrome.Differential diagnosis of chest pain.Medical genetics in clinical practice.Focal infection and sepsis. Fever – differential diagnosis in internal medicine.Differential diagnosis of oedema in internal medicine.

The presentations are a set of lectures intended for students of the 6th year of general medicine. The individual lectures are correlated with the current syllabus of the subject Internal Medicine 6 in the winter and summer term of the sixth year of study.

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 Paraneoplastic syndrome 21.11.2023 1.74 MB faculty member Creative Commons License
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 IM6g - Chest pain 4.7.2023 faculty member Creative Commons License


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