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Lekárska fakulta Univerzity Pavla Jozefa Šafárika v Košiciach
MEFANET Project (MEdical FAculties Educational NETwork)

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Registration instructions.

As a registered user, you are entitled to:

  • download files with limited access
  • submit articles
  • adjust your profile

As a registered user and verified person from Faculty of Medicine, you are entitled to (in addition to items mentioned above):

  • download files with access restricted to students/employees of the faculty
  • log into the majority of on-line atlases at Faculty of Medicine (using the authentization interlinked with this Portal) using the same username and password

To verify an affiliation to the UPJŠ FoM:

  • the UPJS FoM employees have to fill in all the data in their user profile (Name, Surname, Organisation, Section, Phone)
  • the UPJS FoM students have to fill in all the data in their user profile (Name, Surname, Organisation, Section), whereby in the part Section, they will notice the study program and AIS login/username (10-digit ISIC number - students registered for the study before academic year 2013/2014, or 7-digit personal ID number - students registered for the study from academic year 2013/2014) (see image below)
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Affiliation to the faculty is realized only in users who filled out their user profile fields (Name, Surname, Organization and Section). In the case these fields are empty, the users are „only“ registered users. Verification is made within 48 hours.

Data entered by you will not be sent to a third party under any circumstances.