Materials for Lectures


Author: Miroslav Gajdoš

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Neurosurgical lectures as an aid in the study of neurosurgery cover the whole part of the course including: Intracranial hypertension, Congenital CNS defects, adjacent structures, Hydrocephalus, CNS and peripheral nerve injuries, tumors of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and adjacent nerve structures system, Compression syndromes in the upper limb and spinal canals, Surgical treatment of chronic pain, Epileptosurgery.

Introduction to psychology

Author: Milana Kovaničová

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Lecture introduces into the field of psychology. It describes he basic approaches and its goals. The stress in on clinical psychology with description of its basic tasks – psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy used in medicine. Primary focus of clinical psychologists is the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental and behavioural disorders. They are also dental patients, with whom a denstist has to communicate when treating them.

Thoracic Surgery

Author: Róbert Šimon

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Thoracic Surgery - Surgery of The Chest Wall, Pleura, Lungs, Trachea, Mediastinum and Oesophagus. Deformities. Pectus excavatum. Pectus carinatum. Polands syndrome. Sternal cleft. Chest wall tumors. Clinical presentation and diagnosis. Therapy. Pleural effusions. Etiology. Diagnosis. Treatment. Malignant. Empyema. Patophysiology. Chylothorax. Pneumothorax - spontaneous, traumatic and latrogenic. VTS. Tension pneumothorax. Pleural tumors. Bening pleural mesothelioma. Malignant pleural mesothelioma. Lungs. Bacterial infections. Tuberculosis. Fungal infections of the Lung. Lung Cancer. Pathology. Symptoms. Pulmonary metastases. Tracheostomy. Postintubational tracheal injury. Neoplasms of Trachea. Mediastinitis. Primary neoplasms and Cysts. Classification. Anatomic localisation. Compression and invasion sympltoms. Disorders of esophageal motility. Achalasia. Diverticula of Esophagus. Benign tumors and Cysts of Esophagus. Esophageal Carcinoma. Perforation of Esophagus.

Acid-based balance

Author: Ivana Valočiková

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Lecture for 5- year subject Internal Medicine 4. Basic knowledge of disorders of the internal environment, their cause, diagnosis and principles of treatment of metabolic and respiratory acidosis and alkalosis. Metabolic processes ► acid/base ACIDS from carbohydrates and fat metabolism (15-20 000 mmol of CO2 daily) CO2 + H2O ►H2CO3 ►(carbonic anhydrase) H + HCO3 H + Hb in RBC ►released with oxygenation in the alveoli ►reversed reaction – H2O + CO2 – exhaled in each breath.

Basic Skin Structure and Function, Dermatologic Terminology

Author: Zuzana Baranová

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Dermatology is a particularly visual specialty. First part of presentation is focused on basic information about the structure and the function of the skin. We introduce the technical vocabulary of dermatologic description, also known as morphology. Accurately identifying morphology is an essential step in generating a differential diagnosis. Use of standard dermatologic terminology is also critical for effective clinical documentation, research, and communication with other health care providers.

Topics for practical lessons from Anatomy 1 for students of General Medicine

Author: Dalibor Kolesár, Ingrid Hodorová

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Topics for practical lessons from Anatomy 1 are developed for foreign students of General Medicine and are arranged into weeks according to the study plan. Individual topics include description of upper and lower limbs' anatomical structures, directions and planes, muscles, joints, arterial supply, innervation etc.

Histology and Embryology 2 for students of Dental Medicine

Author: Iveta Domoráková, Jarmila Veselá, Eva Mechírová, Štefan Tóth, Iveta Domoráková

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Lectures are devoted to the students of the 1st study year in the field of Dental medicine. The students can find here the supporting material in the form of lecture notes from Histology and Embryology 2. The slides offered here describe particular topics according to the syllabus they have to pass during summer term.

Anatomy of upper and lower extremity from orthopaedic view

Author: Marek Lacko, Rastislav Šepitka

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This contribution offers lecture notes with complementary illustrative pictures for students of general medicine. These lectures should be used as supplementary education material in the study subject Anatomy. The lectures include topics related to the anatomy of upper extremity and anatomy of lower extremity from orthopaedic view.

Psychological stress and coping

Author: Martina Chylová

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A lecture from psychology and medical communication focuses now on topics about stress: how you decide something is stressful, what are psychological responses to stress, how can people adapt to stress, which personality and social factors help or hinder your coping processes, and how to develop a stress management program. 

Psychology in somatic medicine

Author: Martina Chylová

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The lecture explains how psychosomatic symptoms in patients develop, which psychosocial risk factors cause existence of psychosomatic problems, what is the role of psychological interventions in treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Furthermore, the most often occured disorders in population such as coronary heart disease, cancer and psychoneuroimunology issues are discussed in association wih psychological factors which may cause their incidence, influence their progression or play important role in treatment.