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Medical Chemistry - Calculations

Author: Marek Stupák, Anna Birková, Beáta Hubková, Miroslava Rabajdová, Peter Urban, Beáta Čižmárová, Mária Mareková

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Proper administration of individual medications and reagents is of the upmost importance in the clinical practice of future doctors. It can be affected by age, body weight, kidney and liver health, and other health conditions. Subject Medical Chemistry is therefore an essential part of the theoretical education at medical faculties. The basics for the successful completion of the course are also basic chemistry calculations including solution preparation, stoichiometric calculations, pH calculations (including buffers) and spectrophotometric calculations. In addition to brief theoretical introductions, the material also contains a series of examples for practice, in order to help students in repeating and preparing for the exam from Medical Chemistry.

Instructions and protocols for practical exercises on dental materials

Author: Marek Stupák, Beáta Hubková, Jana Mašlanková

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Practical exercises from the subject Dental Materials contain selected experimental tasks that enable students to become familiar with the chemical properties of materials commonly used in dentistry. They contribute to a better understanding of the properties of e.g., hydroxyapatite, metal corrosion and other properties of elements contained in dental materials. Separate attention is paid to dental plaster - its preparation and properties.

Dental Materials - Lectures

Author: Marek Stupák, Beáta Hubková, Jana Mašlanková, Mária Mareková

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The subject Dental Materials represents an introduction to the study of the chemical properties of materials routinely used in dentistry. The lectures are focused on selected parts of the study of metals, including noble metals and their alloys. Furthermore, attention is focused on ceramic materials, on dental cements, as well as on polymerization and substances resulting from polymerization and used in dentistry for both restorative and prosthetic purposes.

Medical Chemistry – “hand book” for students of General and Dental Medicine

Author: Marek Stupák, Lukáš Smolko, Peter Urban, Jana Mašlanková, Beáta Hubková, Beáta Čižmárová, Anna Birková, Vladimíra Tomečková, Miroslava Rabajdová, Katarína Dubayová, Mária Mareková

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This publication is intended mainly for students of medicine studying at the UPJŠ in Košice, Faculty of Medicine. The textbook covers the basic knowledge of selected topics of general, physical, inorganic, organic and bioorganic chemistry required for successful completion of the course of Medical Chemistry. Knowledge of the structures and functions of chemical substances and compounds, as well as their interactions and factors of surroundings influencing those interactions is very important for next study medical biochemistry incoming physicians. For better and easier understanding is the text appropriately supplemented with figures, tables, and numerous of chemical schemes. The separate part of this publication presents the chemistry of the most important dental materials used in clinical practise of future dentists, including the properties of metals, polymers and impression materials.