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ABC of Informatics

ABC of Informatics

It becomes increasingly important for medical professionals to have an understanding of informatics and its background. The information systems and information technologies are widely used in today’s health care systems, and therefore it is necessary to support education in this area for both medical students and for physicians who graduated before informatics was applied in the field of medicine. The aims of Informatics should be oriented on improving knowledge about computers’ terms, methods and tools. The student should acquire the knowledge that allows them to reach the appropriate computer skills. These have to be sufficient to use Informatics elements in processing of given tasks and/or scientific works in an effective way.

Here summarized review materials introduce:

  • ECDL – the world's leading end-user computer skills certification programme,
  • Basic terms – definitions of most commonly used terms in computer science,
  • Computer history – brief summary of computers’ development,
  • Hardware – review of technical equipment of personal computers,
  • Software – general description of software products,
  • Computer networks – characteristics of computer networks,
  • Data protection – basic principles of information safety.
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pdf ECDL Download - ECDLOpen in new window - ECDL 25.4.2008 635.2 KB registered user Creative Commons License
pdf Basic terms Download - Basic termsOpen in new window - Basic terms 25.4.2008 518.13 KB registered user Creative Commons License
pdf Computer history Download - Computer historyOpen in new window - Computer history 3.7.2008 220.42 KB registered user Creative Commons License
pdf Hardware Download - HardwareOpen in new window - Hardware 3.10.2008 2.06 MB registered user Creative Commons License
pdf Software Download - SoftwareOpen in new window - Software 6.10.2008 387.06 KB registered user Creative Commons License
pdf Computer Networks Download - Computer NetworksOpen in new window - Computer Networks 6.10.2008 674.57 KB registered user Creative Commons License
pdf Data Protection Download - Data ProtectionOpen in new window - Data Protection 6.10.2008 363.55 KB registered user Creative Commons License

Keywords: Informatics, ECDL, Hardware, Software, Computer Network, Data Protection

4-D assessment:

Textbooks and manuals
Educational websites and atlases
Digital video
Presentations and animations
Casuistics in images
E-learning courses (LMS)

Undergraduate level
Advanced Graduated
Please select achieved education degree and then evaluate the teaching material particularly in light of material suitability for self-learning.
Student – student of bachelor or master degree
Graduate – graduate of bachelor or master degree
PhD. Graduate – Ph.D. student, Ph.D. graduate, researcher, ...
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