Medical Chemistry - Calculations

Proper administration of individual medications and reagents is of the upmost importance in the clinical practice of future doctors. It can be affected by age, body weight, kidney and liver health, and other health conditions. Subject Medical Chemistry is therefore an essential part of the theoretical education at medical faculties. The basics for the successful completion of the course are also basic chemistry calculations including solution preparation, stoichiometric calculations, pH calculations (including buffers) and spectrophotometric calculations. In addition to brief theoretical introductions, the material also contains a series of examples for practice, in order to help students in repeating and preparing for the exam from Medical Chemistry.

The individual chapters contain brief theoretical introductions / insights into individual themes, including calculations from chemical formulas, chemical equations and calculation of concentrations. A separate chapter consists of calculation of pH of acidic and basic solutions, salts and buffers. Basic stoichiometric calculations – one of the most commonly used methods in medical and clinical biochemistry – are the last chapter of the material with which students are acquainted in the seminar part of the subject of Medical Chemistry. Each chapter contains calculations with solutions, and examples for practice. Calculations are an essential component of the practical part of teaching this theoretical subject, which precedes the teaching of follow-up subjects (eg, medical biochemistry, clinical biochemistry, laboratory investigation methods).


1. Stoichiometry, 1 – 10
2. Concentrations of solutions, 11 – 22
3. pH acids and bases, 23 – 29
4. pH buffers, 30 – 38
5. Spectrophotometry, 39 – 45

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