CLEVER Ophthalmology Virtual Patients Cases

Virtual scenarios for ophthalmology are developed and improved within projects’ activities of the authors and their primary aim is to foster development of critical thinking in students of medical and healthcare disciplines. Individual patient simulations contribute to the case-based learning approach that is learning style close to the needs of practice. Furthermore, we expect their better preparation for bedside teaching.

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Authors developed and share OpenLabyrinth virtual patient cases for the ophthalmology.

by Ciprian Danielescu and Ionuț Nistor
You are an emergency specialist in a hospital without an ophthalmologist on call. A 52 years old woman presents accusing OD (right eye) marked visual acuity decrease with red eye and pain. The symptoms have gone progressively worse in the last 12 hours.

by Ciprian Danielescu, Anisia Iuliana Alexa and Ionuț Nistor
You are an emergency doctor, in a hospital that does not have an ophthalmologisty on call. A 30 years old male is accusing blurred vision of the right eye and ocular pain, that have worsened progressively during the last 48 hours.

by Anisia Alexa and Ionuț Nistor
53 year old male, professional driver with decrease visual acuity with progressive onset to the left eye, complaining of not seeing the car dashboard while driving. The patient says that he came to ask for glasses with progressive lenses that would allow him to see in the same time at far and near distance: right eye (RE) distance visual acuity (VA) - 1, left eye (LE) corrected VA was 0.4 (+ 3 sf). While checking the visual acuity up close to the left eye I noticed that the patient has a tendency to raise the chart with his hand and says that when he looks down he has areas .

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