Ophthalmology and Optometry

Ophthalmology lectures

Author: Monika Moravská, Marek Horňák, Miriama Skirková, Paulína Hribová

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Ophthalmology lectures provide general overview and information about anatomy, physiology, pathologies and their treatment of each structure of the eyeball and  its protective structures. These lecture notes represent basic material for Ophthalmology study and are intended for students of doctoral study programs.

CLEVER Ophthalmology Virtual Patients Cases

Author: Jaroslav Majerník, Adrian Ciureanu, Daniel Schwarz

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Virtual scenarios for ophthalmology are developed and improved within projects’ activities of the authors and their primary aim is to foster development of critical thinking in students of medical and healthcare disciplines. Individual patient simulations contribute to the case-based learning approach that is learning style close to the needs of practice. Furthermore, we expect their better preparation for bedside teaching.

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