Surgery 5 for Dental Medicine

Lectures are devoted to students of the fifth year of study - Dental medicine. The lectures include the topics: thoracic surgery; orthopedy; emergency situations in abdominal diseases; surgery of infection, oncosurgery; trauma surgery; neurosurgery; surgery of stomack; small intestinum and large intestinum; hepatobilliary surgery; surgery of the breast, endocrine diseases in surgery; cardiovascular surgery.

Authors present topics included in the subject Surgery 5 for Dental Medicine.

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 Surgery of stomach and duodenum 5.10.2020 2.04 MB faculty member Creative Commons License
 Small and large intestinum 6.10.2020 7.47 MB faculty member Creative Commons License
 Hepatobilliary surgery 8.10.2020 807.92 KB faculty member Creative Commons License
 Breast & Endocrine Surgery 8.10.2020 585.27 KB faculty member Creative Commons License


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