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Knowledge of the structure and function of chemical substances and compounds, as well as their interactions and factors which can influence these interactions are very important for study Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry. The supporting materials are repeating of high school chemistry and represent the summarization of knowledges from high school chemistry including obligatory part of inorganic chemistry, structure and properties of bioorganic compounds and characteristic chemical reactions. The materials starts with the basics of international nomenclature of inorganic compounds, continue with chapter about properties of acids and bases, pass through examples from chemical equilibrium and redox reactions. The bioorganic part comprise the most essential organic and bioorganic molecules and their reactions. All listed information can help the student to better prepare for exam from Medical Chemistry.

Authors prepared materials in folowing topics.

  1. Nomenclature
  2. Acids, Bases and Buffers
  3. Kinetics and redox reactions
  4. Hydrocarbons and their derivatives
  5. Carboxylic acids
  6. Heterocycles and Lipids
  7. Saccharides and Amino Acids
  8. Nucleic acids and Vitamins


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 Heterocycles and Lipids 12.10.2018 719.02 KB faculty member Creative Commons License
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 Nucleic acids and Vitamins 8.2.2017 583.54 KB faculty member Creative Commons License

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