CLEVER Dermatology Virtual Patients Cases

Virtual scenarios for dermatology are developed and improved within projects’ activities of the authors and their primary aim is to foster development of critical thinking in students of medical and healthcare disciplines. Individual patient simulations contribute to the case-based learning approach that is learning style close to the needs of practice. Furthermore, we expect their better preparation for bedside teaching.

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Authors developed and share OpenLabyrinth virtual patient cases for the dermatology.

by Dan Vâţă and Ionuț Nistor
Ion Craciun, a 20-year-old patient, presents at the Dermatology Clinic for clinical-biological and therapeutic evaluation in the context of the appearance of erythematous papules and macules, with a round oval appearance, with a dimension of 0.5-1cm, well delimited, covered with fine scales, spread on the trunk and at the root of the limbs. Detachment of the scales leads to the appearance of drops of blood.

by Dan Vâţă and Ionuț Nistor
On a hot night in May, he shows up at the dermatological ward. Mihai Popescu, 43 years old, is a teacher at a school in a village of simple people, from Braila county. He prepared a surprise for his 1st graders, taking them on a small trip to the Danube Delta. After about 1 month, he describe the appearance of an eruption consisting of erythematous papules and papulo-vesicles, small, well delimited, round, subjected with intense pruritus, predominantly nocturnal. These lesions occurred in the trunk, buttocks and upper and lower limbs.

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