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Anatomy 3 for students of General Medicine
.. nervous system – CNS (spinal cord and brain), eye and.. .. fossa. Nerve tracts of spinal cord. 9. Midbrain (brain stem), reticular formation... ..keywords: innervation, regions, CNS, spinal cord, brain, eye,.. .. MB faculty member – Midbrain (brain stem), reticular formation...

Obstructive sleep apnoea in extremely obese patient
.. sympathetic nervous system and together with brain cortex result in an arousal from sleep. In..

Total atelectasis of the right lung due to bronchogenic carcinoma
.. IIIB primary lung neoplasm. Bone scan and MRI of brain were not realized because the patient had no..

Anatomy 1 for students of Dental Medicine
.. Pelvis, genital system. 10. Spinal cord. Brainstem, rhomboid fossa. Cranial..

Home mechanical ventilation in a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
.. weakness and decrease of respiratory drive in brainstem, but also apnoeic and hypopnoeic episodes...