Anatomy 1 for students of Dental Medicine

The presentations included here represent a series of lectures for students of Dental Medicine in the first year of study. Individual lectures correlate with recent curriculum of the course and have to be used especially as auxiliary education material specifying basic structures of all presented topics.

The first lectures from Anatomy 1 for students of Dental Medicine deal with the systems of the human body from a general point of view and from the point of view of systematic anatomy, in order: bones and joints, muscular, vascular and lymphatic, nervous system of limbs and trunk. The next lectures are devoted to the digestive and respiratory systems, the heart, the urinary and genital systems, including the topography of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. The last lectures deal with the structures of the central nervous system.

Authors present topics from Anatomy 1 for students of Dental Medicine:
1. Introduction to anatomy. Bones and joints in general. Bones and joints of trunk and limbs.
2. Muscles in general. Muscles of trunk and limbs.
3. Vascular and lymphatic systems in general. Vessels and lymphatics of trunk and limbs.
4. Nervous system in general. Nerves of trunk and limbs. Important regions of limbs.
5. Digestive system.
6. Respiratory system.
7. Heart.
8. Thorax in general, mediastinum. Abdomen in general, peritoneal relations. Topography of organs in abdominal cavity.
9. Organs of urinary and genital systems. Pelvis in general. Topography of pelvic organs.
10. Division of CNS. Spinal cord. Brain stem. Rhomboid fossa. Nuclei of cranial nerves (CN). Exits CN from brain.
11. Cerebellum. Diencephalon. Basal ganglia. Brain cortex.
12. Limbic and olfactory systems. CN I. Brain ventricles, vessels and coverings of CNS.
13. Nerve pathways.

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