Medical Biochemistry 1 [ULCHBKB/MBCH-GM1/16]

Medical biochemistry

Author: Mária Mareková, Marek Stupák, Peter Urban, Katarína Dubayová

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Biochemistry has an irreplaceable role in study of medicine. The students should learn about biochemical reactions beyond all living processes including diseases. The knowledge will help them later to diagnose and treat many diseases correctly. Biochemistry is so fundamental for study of pathobiochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, clinical biochemistry and other subjects of medicine.

Practical exercises from Medical Biochemistry for students of General Medicine

Author: Jana Mašlanková, Peter Urban, Vladimíra Tomečková, Marek Stupák, Miroslava Rabajdová, Mária Mareková

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The laboratory manuals are developed to the foreign students of medicine for practical laboratory exercise and verification of knowledge from medical biochemistry. Exercises are arranged into weeks, like it is in Study plan of Lectures and practical exercises. Student can apply their manual skill in performing of the experiments, and also train their ability in evaluation of results and making of diagnoses.

Clinical biochemistry

Author: Eva Ďurovcová

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Clinical biochemistry in 5th year study of medicine is an extension of the basic rate of Biochemistry II from 2nd year. It is a highly applied biochemistry, which provides teachers - doctors with experience in clinical biochemistry. The aim of the course is in the form of lectures and seminars to provide information on biochemical investigation methods for selected diseases and diagnostic options refer to the relationship between metabolism and laboratory values in model tests patients align tests with monitoring therapy and selecting the most appropriate investigative methods in relation to the expected diagnosis. Correct indication and interpretation of clinical biochemistry tests is an important part of a physician's daily work.