Dalibor Kolesár

Videos for practical lessons from Anatomy 1 - Upper Limb

Author: Dalibor Kolesár, Andriana Pavlyuk, Janka Vecanová, Natália Hvizdošová, Vladimír Medvec

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Educational videos are intended for studying bones, joints and muscles of the upper limb. Teachers from Department of anatomy explain important anatomical structures for students of General medicine. Videos can be used for individual studying. Videos make learning simpler, faster and more efficient.

Topics for practical lessons from Anatomy 1 for students of General Medicine

Author: Dalibor Kolesár, Ingrid Hodorová

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Topics for practical lessons from Anatomy 1 are developed for foreign students of General Medicine and are arranged into weeks according to the study plan. Individual topics include description of upper and lower limbs' anatomical structures, directions and planes, muscles, joints, arterial supply, innervation etc.