Anatomy 1 [UA/A-DM1/15]

Anatomy 1 for students of Dental Medicine

Author: Adriana Boleková, Květuše Lovásová, Dalibor Kolesár, Ingrid Hodorová

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The presentations included here represent a series of lectures for students of Dental Medicine in the first year of study. Individual lectures correlate with recent curriculum of the course and have to be used especially as auxiliary education material specifying basic structures of all presented topics.

Selected animations from Anatomy

Author: Darina Kluchová, Jozef Mihalik, Silvia Rybárová, Jaroslav Majerník

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Here presented selection of animations is intended to the students of general and dental medicine and shows several examples of demonstration and utilization of 3D virtual projection’s human body model in education. Examples demonstrate vessels and nerves of the head, neck, upper limb as well as lower limb.