Psychology and Medical Communication [1. PK/PMC-GM/18]

Psychology in somatic medicine

Author: Martina Chylová

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The lecture explains how psychosomatic symptoms in patients develop, which psychosocial risk factors cause existence of psychosomatic problems, what is the role of psychological interventions in treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Furthermore, the most often occured disorders in population such as coronary heart disease, cancer and psychoneuroimunology issues are discussed in association wih psychological factors which may cause their incidence, influence their progression or play important role in treatment.


Author: Milana Kovaničová

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The present lecture deals with basic theoretical approaches in the contemporary field of psychotherapy. It describes the basic methods, forms and levels of psychoterapy. It references to the roots of psychotherapy: hypnosis and psychoanalysis, explains its use in patients teratment in medical settings.