Surgery 1 [ChK/S-DM1/16]

Surgery 1 for Dental Medicine

Author: Jana Kaťuchová, Tomáš Gajdzik, Róbert Kilík

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Lectures are devoted to students of the third year of study - Dental medicine. The lectures include the topics : Introduction to Surgery-propedeutic study; History development of surgery; Basic principles of clinical examination; Priciples of antisepsis and asepsis; Desinfection and sterilisation in surgical ward and in all health care facilities; Basis methods of anasthesia; Types of anaesthesia (anaesthesia, premedication, general anaesthesia, endotracheal anaesthesia); Principles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation; Operative wound healing; Type of wounds; Primary and secondary wound healing; Operative wound complications; Infections in surgery, causes , clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment.

Plastic Surgery - lectures for students of General Medicine and Dental Medicine

Author: Martina Vidová Uğurbaş

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The basic principles of plastic surgery as coverage of skin defect, direct closure, skin grafts, flaps, classification, configuration, components, circulation, complication and basic principles of microsurgery and replantation surgery as introduction, amputation, replantation, revascularization, indication, treatment, transport, monitoring, complication and hand surgery.