doc. MUDr. Marek Lacko, marek.lacko(at)

Anatomy of upper and lower extremity from orthopaedic view

Author: Marek Lacko, Rastislav Šepitka

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This contribution offers lecture notes with complementary illustrative pictures for students of general medicine. These lectures should be used as supplementary education material in the study subject Anatomy. The lectures include topics related to the anatomy of upper extremity and anatomy of lower extremity from orthopaedic view.

Lectures for study subject Surgery 4/5 – Orthopaedics

Author: Marek Lacko

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Lectures for students of general medicine as supplementary education material specifying basic orthopedic topics in the study subject Surgery. The lectures include Avascular bone necrosis; Congenital musculoskeletal deformities, Deformities of spine, Diseases of muscles and tendons, Infection of musculoskeletal system, Limb length discrepancy, Metabolic bone diseases, Neuromuscular disorders, Orthopedics – definition, Osteoarthritis, Static deformities of foot, Tissue engineering in orthopaedics and Tumors.