MVDr. Štefan Tóth, stefan.toth1(at)

Histology and Embryology 1 - Lectures for General Medicine students

Author: Štefan Tóth, Eva Mechírová, Iveta Domoráková, Kristína Čurgali

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Lectures are devoted to the students of the 1st semester of Histology and embryology 1: Cytology and microscopic structure of tissues for General Medicine students. Students can find here a supporting material for self-study according to lectures. Lectures contain microscopic pictures and schemes as a support to recommended study literature: Junqueira - Basic Histology, Adamkov - Functional Histology.

Histology and Embryology 2 - lectures for General Medicine students

Author: Štefan Tóth, Iveta Domoráková, Eva Mechírová

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Lectures for General Medicine students include microscopic structure of selected organs and introduction to early embryonic development and oraganogenesis according to syllabus for second semester as well as final examination questions. The content of lectutes includes: cardiovascular system, lymhatic system, digestive and respiratory systems, urogenital systems, endocrine and nerve system, sensory organs.