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Chemistry - Repetitorium
.. with chapter about properties of acids and bases, pass through examples from chemical equilibrium.. .. in folowing topics. Nomenclature Acids, Bases and Buffers Kinetics and redox reactions .. .. KB faculty member – Acids, Bases and Buffers | 28.1.2017 348.53 KB faculty..

Medical Chemistry - Calculations
.. of solutions, 11 – 22 3. pH acids and bases, 23 – 29 4. pH buffers, 30 – 38 5... ..keywords: concentration, solution, pH, acid, bases, buffers,.. .. KB faculty member – pH acids and bases | 7.9.2017 389.56 KB faculty member – ..

Medical Chemistry – “hand book” for students of General and Dental Medicine
.. (L. Smolko) pH, Theories of Acids and Bases (L. Smolko) Kinetics and Thermodynamics (B... .. member – pH, Theories of Acids and Bases | 12.10.2018 605.41 KB faculty..

Practical exercises from Medical Chemistry
.. KB faculty member – Acids and bases | 8.9.2017 762.89 KB faculty member – ..