CYTOCHROME P-450: genetic and population aspects

Author: Iskander Rahimovich Mavlyanov, Abdurashid Khamidovich Ashirmetov, Zafar Iskandarovich Mavlyanov, Gavhar Januzakovna Jarilkasinova

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Need of carrying out a pharmacological genotyping for providing the individualized pharmacotherapy is shown in the monograph based on the analysis of own and literary data of the central link of drug pharmacokinetics– systems of cytochrome P-450, taking into account its genetic polymorphysm. The monograph is intended for the clinical pharmacologists, geneticists and experts dealing with this problem.

Mavlyanov I.R., Ashirmetov A.Kh., Mavlyanov Z.I., Jarilkasinova G.J.: CYTOCHROME P-450: genetic and population aspects, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Košice 2017, ISBN 978-80-8152-526-1.