Clinical Biochemistry [ULCHBKB/CB-GM/18]

Clinical Biochemistry - Selected chapters, e-book

Author: Eva Ďurovcová, Mária Mareková

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The electronic textbook of Clinical Biochemistry – selected chapters (2nd edition) has the ambition to become a practical aid for senior medical students and beginning doctors in the study of laboratory medicine. It should make it easier for them to orientate themselves in routinely used clinical-biochemical examinations and could form a springboard for a more detailed study of laboratory methods and their use in diagnostic and monitoring algorithms. The textbook focuses on disorders of water-ion and acid-base balance disorders, and basic diagnostics of diseases of selected organs.

ISBN 978-80-8152-937-5 (e-publication);;

Clinical biochemistry - Lectures

Author: Eva Ďurovcová

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Clinical Biochemistry is an extension of the basic rate of Medical Biochemistry from 2nd year. It is a highly applied medical biochemistry, which provides teachers - doctors with experience in clinical biochemistry. The aim of the course is in the form of lectures and seminars to provide information on biochemical investigation methods for selected diseases and diagnostic options refer to the relationship between metabolism and laboratory values in model tests patients align tests with monitoring therapy and selecting the most appropriate investigative methods in relation to the expected diagnosis. Correct indication and interpretation of clinical biochemistry tests is an important part of a physician's daily work.