Pediatria 2 [KDaD/PE-V2/12]

Puberty and its disorders

Author: Juliana Ferenczová

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In theorethical part of this lecture author presented  physiology of the pubertal development, differencies between girls and boys pubertal development. Special part is focused on patological development - precocious and delayed pubertal development - etiology, clinical manigestation, clinical approach a treatment posibilities.

Acute and chronic heart failure in children

Author: Juraj Hedvig

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The work present actual view of acute and chronic heart failure in children. It is devoted to incidence, symptoms, diagnostics and managment of this disease mainly for student of fith and sixth year of general medicine, but can be suitable for nurses, postgradual physicians as well. The main part of the work consists in diagnostis procedure and disesaseś managment.