Medical Biophysics [ULBF/MBF-DM/15]

Medical Biophysics for Dental Medicine

Author: Imrich Géci, and co-authors

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The lecture notes from the subject Medical Biophysics provide the students of Dental Medicine with the supporting information on lectured topics, which are dealing with the fundamental physical processes in human body on molecular, atomic and subatomic level. The main focus of the present lecture series set on the physical principles of diagnostic and therapeutic leading-edge medical technology units, as well as on the biophysical effects in human body after application of biophysical techniques. Side effects and safe, efficient usage of medical devices in practice is also described. The subjects of molecular biophysics, membrane biophysics, and bioenergetics are included here as well.

Medical Biophysics for DM - Documentation for practical exercises

Author: Imrich Géci

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The topics of practical exercise on Medical biophysics are closely related to the course Medical Biophysics for Dental Medicine students. The present contribution involves the theoretical documentation of selected topics as well as the empty reports for each topic. The order of reports follows the exercise plan.