Paediatrics [KDaD/PE-DM/15]

Arterial hypertension

Author: Ingrid Schusterová

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The current presentation gives you an overview about the methods of blood pressure measurement, diagnosis, and treatment of high blood pressure in children and adolescents. “The fourth report “ (2004) modified BP assessment, BP standards that are based on sex, age, and height provide a precise classification of BP according to body size.

Platelet disorders, Bleeding disorders, Leukemias

Author: Katarína Gombošová

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The topics of the following presentation are: platelet disorders, bleeding disorders and leukemias in pediatric population. It is focused on etiology, clasification, clinical course, diagnostic algorithm and treatment of the most common hemorrhagic and trombotic diseases in children. The presentation is devoted to students of the fifth and sixth year of general medicine and students of the fourth year of dental medicine.