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Topics for practical lessons from Anatomy 1 for students of General Medicine
.. topics include description of upper and lower limbs' anatomical structures, directions and planes,.. ..keywords: limb, lover.. ..keywords: limb, lover..

Anatomy 1 for students of General Medicine
.. The students can find here all lectures of upper limb (skeleton, joints, muscles, arteries, veins,.. .. principles. Bones in general. Skeleton of upper limb (UL). 2. Connection of bones in general. Joints.. ..keywords: joints, muscles, upper limb, lower limb, blood supply, venous and lymphatic.. .. Connection of bones in general. Joints of upper limb. Muscles in general. | 2.10.2018 4.41 MB faculty..

Selected animations from Anatomy
.. vessels and nerves of the head, neck, upper limb as well as lower.. .. head and neck [00:05:19]  Vessels of upper limb [00:07:27]  Nerves of upper limb [00:07:59].. ..keywords: neck, vessels, nerves, upper limb, lower..

Anatomy 1 for students of Dental Medicine
.. particular part of the body, as follows: upper limb, lower limb, thorax, abdomen, and pelvis... ..keywords: upper limb, lower limb, thorax, abdomen, pelvis,.. .. MB faculty member – Upper limb | 11.9.2017 5.7 MB faculty member – ..

Lectures for study subject Surgery 4/5 – Orthopaedics
.. of musculoskeletal system, Limb length discrepancy, Metabolic bone.. ..keywords: deformities, diseases, infection, system, limb, length, discrepancy, neuromuscular, disorders,.. .. KB faculty member – Limb lenght discrepancy | 7.11.2018 531.04 KB faculty..

Cardiac disease
.. persistent difference in upper and lower limb saturations, congestive heart failure (newborn,..

Systemic lupus erythematosus with multiple organ complications
.. 2009, with polyarthritis, polyserositis, acral limb circulatory disorder, photosensitivity, limb..

Aortic dissection
.. was walking. The pain did not burn in the lower limbs. After analgesic treatment at home and..

Cardiac tamponade due to cardiac metastases
.. bilaterally, heart sounds were not muted, lower limbs without a trace of edema. The..

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
.. cyanotic, trophic changes of skin on the lower limbs Epworth sleepiness scale: 7 points Spirometry..