Obesity hypoventilation syndrome

Author: Ivana Paraničová

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Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS) is defined as the combined presence of obesity (BMI > 30kg/m2) with awake arterial hypercapnia (pCO2 > 6.0 kPa / 45 mmHg) in the absence of other causes of hypoventilation. The exact prevalence of OHS in the general population remains unknown, and most prevalence data describe subjects with obstructive sleep apnoea, wherein its prevalence has been estimated to range from 10% to 38% in different groups. On the other hand, patients with OHS often suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders. Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea may reach up to 90-95% in OHS patients.

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Neurology I - lectures

Author: Zuzana Gdovinová, Vladimír Haň, Matej Škorvánek, Marianna Vitková, Eva Feketeová, Jarmila Szilasiová

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Lectures from the subject Neurology 1 are intended for students of the fourth year of the study program General Medicine. The individual records explain topics according to the current curriculum, including cranial nerves I - XII, sensitivity, central and peripheral paralysis, cortical syndromes, speech and its disorders, symbolic functions and more.

Anatomical dissection - abdomen and pelvis

Author: Janka Vecanová, Darina Kluchová, Jaroslav Majerník, Vladimír Medvec, Gabriela Zsigová

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Anatomical dissection of the abdomen and pelvis contains educational video recordings of dissections performed on cadavers in dissection rooms of Department of Anatomy. They are intended for students of medicine in order to acquaint them with anatomical structures of the human body as well as to extend their preparation for practical exercises. Documentation videos are supplemented with descriptions of individual anatomical structures and expert commentary.

This work was supported by the national grant KEGA 017UPJŠ-4/2016 "Visualization of education in human anatomy using video records of dissections and multimedia teaching materials".

Selected animations from Anatomy

Author: Darina Kluchová, Jozef Mihalik, Silvia Rybárová, Jaroslav Majerník

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Here presented selection of animations is intended to the students of general and dental medicine and shows several examples of demonstration and utilization of 3D virtual projection’s human body model in education. Examples demonstrate vessels and nerves of the head, neck, upper limb as well as lower limb.